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The Welsh Institute For Research in Economics and Development's aim is to stimulate and build capacity in research relevant to the Welsh economy and society as well as to the wider world.

The Institute undertakes research and policy initiatives of particular relevance to Wales but also of more general interest to the UK, the rest of Europe, and the wider world. We intend that our activities will benefit the political and business community of Wales, while providing a valuable stimulus to research and other joint activity for all the many established researchers and units working on Welsh issues. 

Recent research topics have included:

  • Corporate governance and the spread of companies 
  • Fiscal policy and devolution
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship 
  • Language and trade 
  • School size and school effectiveness 
  • Impatience as a reason for choosing violence


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Professor James Foreman-Peck

Head of the Economics Section

+44 (0) 29 208 76395
F41, Aberconway Building

Research Highlights

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Could student placements benefit the UK’s export market?

Bilateral national trade analysis carried out by Professor James Foreman-Peck for the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) and UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) indicates that the gross costs of language ignorance are high for the UK despite English being a world language. 

WIRED researcher secures funding from Department for Business, Innovation and Skills

Professor James Foreman-Peck has been commissioned by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) to carry out research to quantify the costs to the UK of language deficiencies as a barrier to UK engagement in exporting.

WIRED research contributes to the Silk Commission Part II

Professor James Foreman-Peck has prepared a nine-page report for submission as evidence to the second part of the Commission on Devolution in Wales, chaired by Paul Silk, and focused on reviewing the powers of the National Assembly for Wales.  In his report, Professor Foreman-Peck states that "the people of Wales would be better served by a return of powers to Westminster."


The data and model for the Great Depression project some results from which were published as Optimum International Policies for the World Depression, from which the most recent paper is Trade Wars and the Slump, European Review of Economic History (2007) 11 73-98.

The Appendices of A Monthly Econometric Model of the Transmission of the Great Depression Between the Principal Industrial Economies contain the data sources, definitions and the equation list. 

Interwar period macrodata contains the data. The variable key decodes the acronymns used in the data.

Selected publications

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