Cardiff Business School Research

Centre for Business Relationships, Accountability, Sustainability and Society

Established in 2001, BRASS was an ESRC-funded interdisciplinary research centre combining expertise from Cardiff University's Business School, Law School, and School of Geography and Planning. The research at BRASS specialised in business sustainability and corporate social responsibility, with a particular focus on the relationships between businesses and their key stakeholders.

Researchers in BRASS pursued high quality, interdisciplinary social science research and engagement with research users to create knowledge and tools to promote more sustainable stakeholder relationships amongst and within businesses, society and the environment. The Centre’s research generated knowledge, skills and learning, and facilitated practical changes within businesses and policy arenas.

Funding for BRASS came to an end in December 2012 but some of its work will continue under the auspices of the BRASS Research Unit within Cardiff University's Sustainable Places Research Institute (PLACE). Here we provide an overview of the contribution of Cardiff Business School researchers to BRASS during its 11 years as an ESRC-funded centre.

Cardiff Business School researchers contributed significantly to four distinctive research streams within BRASS: