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PhD Economics Workshops

PhD Workshop schedule- Spring term, 2015                     

Feb 11:    Long: Dandan Wang: Bias assessment and reduction for Limited information estimation  in 

 General dynamic simultaneous equation models

                 Short: Xiaoliang Yang: Heterogeneous agent models.

Feb 18:    L: Nikos Tzivanakis: Institutions and growth 

                 S: Tim Jackson: The macroeconomics of shadow banking.

Feb 25:   S: Yue Gai: Human capital, social capital and economic growth.  

                L: Harrington Zhang: Optimal Monetary Policy from a New Keynesian perspective: A Simple 

Taylor Rule or Timeless Perspective Commitment Rule?  

Mar 4:    S: Annum Rafique: Business cycle fluctuations and monetary policy.

                S: Ziqing Wang: The Net Interest Margin of Chinese City Commercial Banks.

Mar 11:   S: Jenyu Chou: Sticky versus imperfect information.

                 S: Xue Dong: The exchange rate and financial market imperfections.

Mar 18:   S: Chen Xu: Impact of FDI in tourism on economic development


Mar 25:    S: Jingjing Zhang: Trade topic tba

                  L/S: ----

Summer term:

Apr 22:    S: Xinran Zhao: Investors’ trading behaviour in electronic markets- a experimental 


                 S: Abdulrasheed Zubair: Banking Competition.

Apr 29:    S: Congyi Hu: Exchange rate responses to macro surprises.

                 s: Long Zhou: Regional CGE models.

Other meetings tba


PhD Workshop schedule- Autumn term, 2014

This week:                     

Oct 8        Short: Maoshan Tian: ‘Higher-Order Expansion Applying for the Bootstrap Corrected Maximum Likelihood Estimator and Improving the Variance in First-Order Stationary Dynamic Regression Model’

                  Long: Anthony Savagar: ‘Macro models with industry entry’

Future weeks- titles tba:

Oct 15:    S:  Chaowei Wang        L: David Staines

Oct 22:    S:  Luis Matos                L: Nasir Aminu

Oct 27:    S: Robert Forster          L: Yinka Oyekola

Nov 5:     S: Ruimin Li                    L: Ivona Videnova

Nov 12:   S: Georgios Tziatzias    L: Nikos Tzivanakis

Nov 26:   S: Xiaoliang Yang          L: Noushin Pouraghei

Dec 3:      S: Chen Xu                     L: Sisi Ji

Dec 10:    S: Xue Dong                  L: Tim Jackson