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Research is at the centre of Cardiff Business School's activities. Cardiff Business School is ranked 6th in the UK for the quality of its research in the 2014 Research Excellence Framework (REF) and one of only two business schools in the UK to be ranked in the top ten in each of the Government’s five assessment exercises since 1992.

Research is conducted both within the Schools' sub-disciplinary groups as well as via specialist and multidisciplinary research centres.

Cardiff Business School has an international faculty of world-leading scholars and its research reputation has helped it become an attractive centre of scholarship for colleagues from the UK and beyond. The School also has a strong and active PhD programme, with 150 PhD students studying at the School at any one time. A substantial proportion of these students are funded by scholarships obtained from funding bodies including the ESRC, EPSRC and a number of private sector organisations.

REF 2014

REF 2014

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Research Highlights

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Student entrepreneur shares story of his success

George Tritton-Price, a current undergraduate student and small business owner, spoke as part of the Marketing & Strategy section’s Entrepreneurship Seminar Series on Wednesday 19 August 2015.

Insights in to immigrant and ethnic minority entrepreneurship

The Marketing & Strategy section hosted its third seminar in the newly established Entrepreneurship Seminar Series on 13 August 2015. The seminar, titled Immigrant and Ethnic Minority Entrepreneurship, was delivered by Mr Saleem Kidwai OBE.

Do managers of cross-listed firms learn more from the market?

Dr Wissam Abdallah’s recent research explores whether the effects of cross-listing on analyst following and forecast error differs among firms with different accounting standards. His research posited whether managers of cross-listed firms can learn better from the market about their investment opportunities.

CEO and director compensation, CEO turnover and institutional investors: Cronyism in the UK?

Research from Dr Jie Chen shows that correlated overpayments of CEOs and directors are symptomatic of agency problems associated with cronyism.

What’s the market impact when macros news is released?

Dr Kevin Evans has identified intraday jumps in markets and further investigated the extent to which these jumps correspond to the release of macroeconomic information.

It’s a question of trust. Does it pay off for firms to trust their employees?

Professor Marc Goergen and co-authors have undertaken the first study of the impact of trust, both at country and firm level, on firm performance.