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MSc in Business Strategy and Entrepreneurship

The MSc in Business Strategy and Entrepreneurship provides students with the skills required to develop and grow new ventures both in a startup and corporate context.

The programme is designed for graduates seeking a rigorous foundation prior to launching their own company or entering an existing corporation in a role focused on business development and growth.

It provides students with the required skills via a combination of teaching methods covering knowledge about best business practices, as well as the fundamental principles behind them. Building on these skills, students will also have the opportunity to create a new venture. The development of this new venture will be supported by academic faculty as well as a corporate sponsor or entrepreneur.

Why study the MSc in Business Strategy and Entrepreneurship?

  • The MSc provides a unique mix of business strategy and entrepreneurship content that combines both leading academic research and the opportunity to apply this in a real world context.
  • It is delivered by internationally recognised scholars in the field, in combination with leading practitioners.
  • It comprises of a highly selective student cohort.

Programme Structure

The programme consists of nine subjects completed over one year of study.

Semester 1

The aims of the Economics and the Business Environment module are to introduce students to the nature of and functioning of firms and markets so that students can improve their business decisions, and to encourage students to understand the social and political environments in which organisations operate.

The aims of the module are to provide students with skills in the preparation and interpretation of financial reports, as well as to provide an understanding of the uses of management accounting techniques in evaluating cost behaviour for decision making purposes and financial management.

This module provides students with an introduction to the entrepreneurial process. It exposes students to the concepts, practices, skills and tools of starting and growing a new business - whether this be in a startup, corporate or family context.

This module encourages students to reflect critically on the nature and challenges of entrepreneurship. It addresses those themes relating to entrepreneurship as practice and entrepreneurship in context.

Semester 2

This module provides an in-depth understanding of the theory, concepts and tools which are used to market a new product offering and are applicable in an entrepreneurial setting. Emphasis is placed on the special requirements for creating and executing marketing plans and programmes in a setting of rapid technological change.

This module discusses how entrepreneurs in start-ups and family businesses can shape their organisations so that they can continuously build and commercialise valuable innovations, and how managers and executives in established firms can become more entrepreneurial in their approach to innovation.

The module aims to evaluate the indicators of personal leadership styles and apply these to individual working practice. Students will learn to understand the principles of leadership and how they can help the individual to work more effectively.

The module will focus on the issues and problems involved in developing and managing entrepreneurial organisations. Students will evaluate the factors that make an organisation effective at each stage of growth.

Semester 3 - New Venture Plan

This module aims to integrate and apply core course concepts, skills and techniques in order to construct and present a new venture plan for either a startup company or an existing organisation based on a defined brief.

We recognise that students value the opportunity to apply their learning in practice. We have therefore replaced the traditional dissertation with a practical New Venture Plan. For the New Venture Plan, you will work in a project team comprising three to five members, supervised by an academic expert. The plan will focus on either the development of a start-up business or the development of a new venture for an external organisation.

In the case of developing a new venture for an external organisation, the project team will spend two months learning about the participating organisation’s operating environment, analysing the opportunity for the new venture, designing and developing the business model for the venture, and presenting the proposed solution to their management board at a formal presentation.

Participating organisations could be small start-ups or established organisations, in various industries such as financial services, fashion retail, healthcare, IT services, hospitality, leisure and sports, charities and local council services.

In the case of developing a start-up business, the project team will develop the business model for the business under the supervision of an external entrepreneur. The culmination of the project will be a presentation of the start-up business model to a panel of venture capitalists.

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