Cardiff Business School Courses

International experience and exchanges


Here at Cardiff Business School opportunities exist to spend part of an undergraduate degree studying abroad. Having been involved in student exchanges for over 20 years, Cardiff Business School has a strong awareness of the value of spending time studying in a different country.

Degrees with a language

The majority of studying abroad opportunities exist within our degrees with languages, such as 'Business Management with French', 'Economics with Spanish', or 'Business Studies and Japanese'. On these schemes, students will spend the third year of their four year degree studying appropriate modules, taught and assessed through the medium of the relevant language , at one of Cardiff Business School's partner institutions.

Business Management International route

Cardiff Business School students studying Business Management can choose the 'International route'. Within this route, there is an opportunity to spend the spring semester (January to July) of the second year studying at one of Cardiff Business School's partner institutions abroad. In this case, no knowledge of a second language is required, as the modules are studied through the medium of English. New schemes involving time abroad will soon be available.Studying abroad offers a wealth of opportunity to the student: it develops in the student a certain strength of character, and is an exciting, challenging yet rewarding time. It evidences that 'extra something' so often sought after by employers.

Exchange agreements

Cardiff Business School has reciprocal exchange agreements with several universities and Business Schools in Europe and Japan, and is currently establishing new agreements in other countries. Cardiff Business School regularly has around 40 students studying abroad each year, and welcomes a similar number of incoming exchange students to Cardiff. Time spent abroad is part of the student's degree, and credits obtained at partner institutions will be transferred back to Cardiff. Students will be required to pass their year or semester abroad.

Fees to Cardiff

Tuition fees will be payable to Cardiff for the time spent studying abroad. No fees will be paid to the host institution abroad.

Grants for studying abroad

Students studying abroad in Europe will usually do so under the 'Erasmus' scheme which provides some funding in the form of a non-returnable grant to students. As opportunities arise for grants to study in other countries, students are informed. Students continue to be eligible for student loans during their time abroad.