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Case Study of Public Value Research

Public Value research at Cardiff Business School seeks to improve social and economic conditions by addressing grand challenges in novel, inter-disciplinary ways. A good example is provided by ground-breaking work which involved our economists working with dentists to tackle alcohol-related violence. The project resulted in a halving in the number of violence victims treated in Cardiff Emergency Departments between 2002 and 2013 and has delivered £5m in annual savings to Cardiff’s health, social and criminal justice systems.

In late 2015 we publicly committed ourselves to a bold new strategy that would inform our research and teaching and see us become the world’s first business school to put Public Value at the heart of its operations.

In simple terms we are working to deliver social improvement alongside economic development, recognising the role that business and management has to play in tackling some of the grand challenges in contemporary society.

By embracing interdisciplinary working, with academic colleagues, business partners and the third sector, we believe we can help find solutions to a range of social ills and reframe how people think of business and management.

Embedding this new ethos in our research, teaching and learning unites our multi-disciplinary academic base in using their abilities to engender social and economic improvements. It also enhances our students’ skills and knowledge while also nurturing a moral sentiment, or sympathetic imagination, towards social and economic improvement.  This is the beginning of a radical overhaul of how we work and our success will be a beacon to light the way for others to follow.